At a crossroads

It’s a powerful metaphor. A crossroads. Human beings have crossed paths ever since the first nomads bumped into each other on some mythical Savannah (or a beach on the west coast of Canada as was recently discovered.) Maybe the bump led to a fight. Or to trade. Or maybe a moment of pause.

Apparently I have had this WordPress space since 2006. Who knew? It was going to be a blog, like all blogs begin – with energy and great intention. It lasted only two posts as is seen on the front page. I’m going to leave them. Kind of like fossilized foot prints of the me that came before me. The upside of this digital archaeological find? I have a WordPress handle that doesn’t involve a bunch of numbers after my name. Also cool is being able to snag “” as a domain. If it ever works properly…

In many ways, this past year has been a crossroads… or I have been at a crossroads… whatever. The metaphor works. Some things I have chosen as a result of pausing here… love, presence, being here and now, and more.

For those of you who become interested, I will fill this space with photography (all mine, taken by a variety of cameras). I will fill it with ramblings and musings, and use this space for writing. Someday some of it might even be good. My main topics are likely to be digital life, life as a psychologist, and the intersection of these – much as I hate the word “intersection”… but then what is a crossroads?

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