A new path, past the crossroads

I have always said that my role in life is to help others along the path – whichever path that is – and that my “super power” in doing this is an ability to “make the complex simple.” That was my motto and my ability. To take messy and complicated things and find their essences and boil them down and hand them back to my fellow travellers. In this way, I enacted Jung’s alchemy and made the path smoother.

It isn’t that I no longer do this. I buy Wilber’s “transcend and include” philosophy. However, my past year has been a rocky road of my own transformation. With help, I was able to transform my own failings and frailties and emerge new and different. What still eluded me was what my new “super power” might be. I had no simple phrase that captured who I now am, and what I now do. Until now.

I have been enjoying James Michener’s novels. I read Hawaii in Hawaii. I finished Caravan recently and it explained something to me in a most unexpected way (sorry – an internal revelation not ready for prime time.) And now I am reading The Covenant. This passage stood out:

“He was one of those wonderful realists who can add a tentative two to a problematic three and come up with a solid five.”

And there it is. This is what I now do. It can be as before, making the complex simple. However now it is this much more. Tentative two. Problematic three. Solid five.

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