Phones and Clouds

I lost my phone at an airport recently.

Well, I didn’t really lose it, but I thought I did. Enough that I went back out through security and searched everywhere I stopped, to see if I’d dropped it or set it down. Security reviewed me going through on the camera tape, and nothing. I didn’t leave it there. Finally, I return to where we were seated, and my wife had found it at the very bottom of a backpack. How it got there I have no idea. (Well I do – I put it in my pack at security, and it made its way to the bottom somehow…)

Once found, I was relieved. But here’s the odd thing. I was not as distressed as I would have been even 3 years ago. Why? The cloud.

Yes the phone was expensive, and the data it stored important. But with one app, I could wipe the ‘lost’ phone clean, with another app, alert my carrier about a lost sim card. Once home, a new card and a back-up phone, and I’d be in business again.

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